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A New Diagnosis

Some children are diagnosed at birth. Other diseases are acquired or show up later in life. And yet other families never reach a diagnosis.

Decision Making

Decision Making and Palliative Care

Caring for Self and Family

Self care is never easy, yet we all know the truth is we can only care for them as best as we care for ourselves. Use this space to share ideas on self care, talk about respite, sibling care, and maintaining your parenting partnership.

Anticipating End of Life

Having a child with a limited life expectancy raises many questions for the entire family. How will I explain death to my other children? What will it look like? How will I go on?
Some parents are planners and want to know everything and others take it one day at a time.
Most parents, at some point, seek the insight from those who came before.

Bereavement and Legacy

Courageous Parents Network grew from the collective experience and wisdom of parents who had lost a child. We know the importance of saying their names and invite you to introduce your child and share your experience in this space.

Disease Groups

Courageous Parents Network works to bridge the gap between diagnosis, focusing instead on the commonalities and shared experiences of parents raising a critically/chronically ill child. It is often our rarity and uniqueness that brings us together.
Use this space t share your insights and experiences as well as learn more about the diseases represented throughout CPN.

Palliative Care Advocacy and Education

Learn more about Pediatric Palliative care and how it can help your family and child. Stay up to date on the latest education and legislation.

Resources by State

Use this section to share and explore resources in your state and connect with other Courageous Parents in your area.